Electrical Engineering

"The electrical design on paper"

Electrical engineering

All our control boxes are digitally drafted in EPLAN P8, the leading engineering software for automation and electrical engineering. All sensors, motors and actuators are determined in the preliminary stages in accordance with the project specifications. All items both inside and outside the switchgear enclosure are given a logical designation so they can be pinpointed on the drawing. On completion, the drawings are printed out and supplied together with the switchgear enclosure; a smart PDF is also available in which cross-references are clickable on a computer or tablet thus enabling signals to be tracked very quickly.

At the engineering stage, collaborative thought is given to the automation process; here, we can advise on process monitoring, drive and safety, among other things. We work with the following brands, among others:

  • Siemens
  • Schneider Electric
  • Weidmüller
  • ABB
  • Finder
  • Rittal
  • nVent HOFFMAN (Eldon)
  • IFM Electronic
  • Sick
  • Harting
  • LAPP
  • Ixon
  • Metal Work
  • Festo

In addition to electrical controls, we also offer pneumatic systems or a combination of both.